Donate for Subscriber / VIP status, or to show support for the server

Things to know before you donate:
  • Subscriber costs $4 a month, VIP costs $8 a month, amounts below that will be seen as goodwill donations.
  • When you donate please include your in game name and Steam ID e.g. "STEAM_0:0:92693841" in the "Add a note" section of the second page.
  • On the donation page there is a drop down called "(Optional) Use this donation for", please select one of the options to make our lives easier.
    Note: Exact donations of $4 / $8 will be interpreted as a desire to purchase one month of Subscriber / VIP Respectively.
  • Remember not to loose your transaction ID so we can verify your payment should any issues come up.
  • If you want too subscribe for more than one month, check the "Make this a monthly donation" box so you dont have to remember to re subscribe every month.
  • If you donate enough for several months, you will maintain your status for that many months. e.g. $16 is 4 months of subscriber / 2 months of VIP.