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erik Mod Application - erik - 03-13-2021

erik Moderator Application
Username: erik
5-7 hours
Why do you want to be admin?: 
I recently heard from case about the upcoming 1v1 server and I thought I might be able to help keep the server clean and maintain a fun atmosphere. I'm extremely familiar with server commands and such, and have previously staffed for FN for 9 months. Climbing from a server mod to a server advisor position. I'm also very familiar with what to look for in the event of players cheating, and have the necessary clipping software to gather evidence of a player cheating. I hope to be able to lend a hand where and when it is needed!

RE: erik Mod Application - case - 03-13-2021

I can confidently +rep erik. Has a solid head, has the experience, and is someone that I'd think fit fine for staff.

RE: erik Mod Application - case - 03-13-2021


RE: erik Mod Application - Wolf(Mike) - 03-19-2021

this shit is too funny