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New Servers! - case - 03-13-2021

Hello Everyone! Please allow me to introduce our new servers!

We have a 1v1 Server with features such as Anti-Cheat, 128 tick, and Fun Rounds to keep it nice and casual! We now have a 1v1 Staff role to signify which of our staff members are staff for our 1v1 server! We also now have the Server Advisor role to signify who is keeping management of the server and its staff! The 1v1 Server Advisor will be me case.

to connect, type "connect" in console.
Or click this -> steam://connect/ (THIS SERVER IS OUT AT 6PM EST!)

But wait! Theres more! We're not only bringing one new server to Cascade, we have another! Under Vanya and Drago's Management, We are introducing a new AWP Server. The AWP server is a fun casual AWPs only gamemode on cool maps! Features include 128 tick and !ws, and just like our 1v1 server, we now have an AWP Staff role to signify who is staff for the AWP server.

to connect, type "connect" in console.
Or click this -> steam://connect/ (The server will release at 7PM EST.)

You can apply for staff on our new servers with the staff application on our forums that you can access with this link.