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CDS|turkishturkey Mod Application - CDS| lil froggy - 03-16-2021

CDS|turkishturkey Moderator Application
Username: CDS|turkishturkey
5-7 hours
Why do you want to be admin?: 
i am lil froggy better known as nuclear sheep (my username when i joined) i come to this server for the coummunity cus i love the coummunity i hve been minecraft xbox 360 world mods years back i once took over a guys server so i am fimilar with bieng mods i talk about religon alot ppl ask me alot of questoins (fishy if u read this remember the questoins ppl asked i polity answerd there questoins right) i want server to be famous again and great again make ze great agian (1 is steam age i joined steam on feburary 1st 2020)

RE: CDS|turkishturkey Mod Application - venom - 03-16-2021


Please wait at least 6 months before reapplying again