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nuclearsheep#9341 Ban Appeal - CDS| lil froggy - 03-20-2021

nuclearsheep#9341 Ban Appeal

USERNAME: nuclearsheep#9341
STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:531635864
Why should you be unbanned?: i was banned on discord why and who bannned me idk why i was banned plz unban me is it cus i am gagged in server prob not that would end up as a mute in discord so why am i banned and plz unban me i was banned when i was sleeping im always banned when im afk or sleeping is it bc of the mrbeast thing if yes it was in voice chat where the coummunity talks non ZE related stuff email me at [email protected] i know im bannned bc i sent a invite to myself and it says i was banned (yes i will post steam id even tho this is a discord ban appeal)

RE: nuclearsheep#9341 Ban Appeal - venom - 03-20-2021

Ban reduced to 7 day discord gag.