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Crayon Mod Application - Crayon - 03-30-2021

Crayon Moderator Application
Username: Crayon
<1 hour
Why do you want to be admin?: 
I've been hearing about this server and seeing it on csgo for a while now, and I've noticed Cascade has 1v1 which needs a decent amount of staff, So I wanna apply to make this server as secure as I can, help others out and show them around Cascade! Im here to apply, and become a helper/admin.
Hope everything goes well in Cascade!

RE: Crayon Mod Application - Wolf(Mike) - 04-02-2021

u would be a great admin.
i hope the people from 1v1 also agree GL

+1 from Wolf(mike)

RE: Crayon Mod Application - erik - 04-07-2021

+rep helpful

RE: Crayon Mod Application - case - 04-07-2021